1. Monographs

Erieta Attali, In Extremis - Landscape into Architecture

Erieta Attali
In Extremis: Landscape into Architecture

Essays by Kenneth Frampton, Juhani Pallasmaa, Jilly Traganou, 
Dimitris Philippides, Jeannette Plaut, Alessio Assonitis
GSAPP Columbia University, New York 2010
ISBN 978-1-883584-67-2

Architecture as landscape - Landscape as architecture
Spaces on landscape - Landscape through spaces

Photographs of works by:

Reflected Transparency

Erieta Attali
Reflected Transparency: 
Contemporary Architects Working In Glass

Essays by Kenneth Frampton, Ian Jeffrey, Botond Bognar, Jilly Traganou
The Danish Architectural Press, Copenhagen, Denmark 2006
ISBN 87 7407 349 4

Capturing through glass and reflections, juxtaposing and overlaying adjoining spaces, reductively transforming vision to the imaginary ...


Photographs of works by:


Erieta Attali
nightscapes + glass buildings

Essays by Kenneth Frampton, John Stathatos
Ex Pose Verlag, Berlin 2001, ISBN 978-3-925935-47-3

Photographs of the Corning Museum of Glass;
other glass buildings: Lerner Hall, Columbia University,
Federal Courthouse, Phoenix, Arizona.

2. Forthcoming Publications

2015 *
"The Glass House in New Canaan by KENGO KUMA"
Photography by Erieta Attali, Design: KOMA AMOK
Authors: Ken Tadashi Oshima, Joan Ockman, Kengo Kuma, Erieta Attali
Publisher: Hatje Cantz, Berlin, Germany
2016 *
Erieta Attali: "Contemporary Architecture and Landscape in the Periphery of the World"
Publisher: Hatje Cantz, Berlin, Germany

* expected date of publication

3. Selected Publications

Building Block 19: History of Buildings of Alpha Bank
By Dimitris Philippides, photographs by Erieta Attali
Publication of Alpha Bank, Athens 2010

Dimitris Pikionis: the Lectures of 1964
By Dimitris Philippides, photographs by Erieta Attali
Melissa Publications, Athens 2010

PULSO: New Architecture in Chile
By Jeannette Plaut
Constructo, Santiago de Chile 2008

Erieta Attali 1997-2007: Architectural Landscapes in Greece, 
Contributions by Kenneth Frampton, and John Stathatos
amongst others
Domes Architectural Magazine, Athens 2007

The Architecture of Ioannou, Van Guildner, Sotiropulos
Photographs by Erieta Attali , text by Dimitris Philippides
Melissa Publishing House, Athens 2007

Neoclassical Cities in Greece
Photographs by Erieta Attali, Yeorgios Yerolimbos,
texts by Dimitris Philippides
Melissa Publishing House, Athens, 2007

The Architecture of Burkard, Meyer
Photographs by Erieta Attali, Roger Frei
Quart Verlag, Lucern, Switzerland 2007

Setting Sights: An Exploration of Architectural Photography
By Alexandra Brez, Sarah Palmer, photos by Helene Binet,
Erieta Attali, Paul Warchol
Edizioni Press, NY 2004

Panos Koulermos – Opera Completa
By Kenneth Frampton, Archivio del Moderno,
Accademia Di Architettura, Mendrisio 2004

L’esperienza del colore nella pittura funeraria dell’Italia preromana
(V-IIIsecolo a.C.)
Photographs by Erieta Attali, text by Hariklia Brecoulaki, Electa,
Napoli 2000

Landscapes of Modernisation
By Y. Aesopos and Y. Simeoforidis; Athens 1999

Timeframes Photography
By Ian Jeffrey, p. 3, 194, 195, Amphoto Art, NY 1998

The Invention of Landscape
By John Stathatos, Camera Obscura, Thessaloniki 1996

Myth and Landscape
By John Stathatos, p. 56-61, Delphi 1996 

3. Selected Publications
in Architecture Reviews

02 Exposed – Tate Art Magazine, Great Britain

Ambientes, Chile

Architecture, USA

Architecture in Greece, Greece

Archis, Netherlands

Arkitekten, Denmark

Bauwelt, Germany

Casabella, Italy

European Photography Magazine, Germany

Harvard Design Magazine, USA

Interni, Italy

Quaderns, Spain

Ellinikes Kataskeves,Greece

Urban Environment Design Magazine, China

Architectures a Vivre,France

Archetipo, Italy

Space Magazine, SouthKorea

Monocle, Great Britain

Frame Magazine, Netherlands

Wallpaper, Great Britain

Dome's, Greece

Natura, Turkey

Redaktion Tec21, Switzerland

C3, South Korea